My first album in five years, the Local album gives me the feeling of a comeback. So this project has really been in the making since 2013, but has been stalled and pushed back because of my involvement with the local music scene, doing public radio, studying journalism and doing a whole lot of shows and event hosting. most of these experiences contributed to the content of the album, as it is largely based on the trials and tribulations of the up and coming rap artist. If you take pride in representing your city/state with your music, this album is for you.

local bandcamp cover

Small Town Blues
A lot 2 Say
My People
Open Mic Nite
Big Time
Gotta Work
Nice Like That
The Rap Show
Results May Vary


Producers: Goldeneye, Siege, DJ Hezekiah, The Klinik,
Sonny Paradise, Bob Markie, and Dolla Bill
Scratches by DJ Spoolz


Recorded at The Palace of Sorrow in Muncie, IN
Engineer Andrew Christman



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