I started pursuing my ambitions in hip hop around the age 16 when a few friends and I, who had established a rap group put out our first demo tape.For the small town that we lived in, it wasn’t a popular thing to be an MC, or to have a rap group. There were only a handful of kats that were able to take it to different levels at that point. After getting hands on experience with production and recording with a local DJ/Producer, we took our creativity to another level, and we began organizing shows  and going to open mics to get our name out. From 95 to 98 we put out cassette tapes on the local scene and eventually evolved into CDs, performing in clubs and bars, opening for national acts.

In 2000, I was joined by up and coming DJ and Producer Marcus Norwood. We began exploring through the elements of hip hop, and got deeper into production and recording. We would develop the friendship and chemistry that would eventually form the group Small Wonders. While Marcus was attending Grad School at Ball State University, we performed many shows in the BSU and Muncie area, and created a bevy of material, including a project that we would call Playability. The initial formula for the group was simple in the beginning. Two turntables and a mic, he’s the DJ I’m the Rapper. Using the production power of the MPC 2000XL, Marcus crafted original, boom bap beats, while I wrote lyrics to spit.

Pro audio and production have been a big part of my life since 95 when I began to study the art, learning about sampling and sequencing beats, and also recording songs with multitrack machines. I have worked on many solo projects over the years, doing most of the production, but also working with other producers and musicians in the area. My latest albµm Local, is released 5 years after my previous album Donta’s Inferno,  which was out in 2013. During that gap, I done a lot of performing as a solo act, and also with Merc Versus, Bedlam Brethren, forming a group called Peaceful Order of Warriors. We also hosted a radio show called P.O.W.Z radio for a while. In 2015 Merc Versus recruited me to join the hip hop band Planet Boom Bap. We did dozens of shows and recorded and released an album titled Parallel Universe.

In 2019, I am focusing on  doing outside production for artists and bands, and releasing more videos after my directorial debut with the music vid for Small Town Blues. Also working on new Small Wonders material that will result in an Ep this Spring and and album next year.


Goldeneye, Donta’s Inferno II

Small Wonders, The Army of 2

Coming Soon