Air Support; One Muncie Radio

One thing that Muncie has always been missing, is an urban radio station that plays hip hop and R&B music. Until the signal switched over from 105.7 to 106.7, WTLC in Indy was our go to station. For years, Muncie residents have had to rely on Indianapolis stations such as the new 93.9 station, and a faint 96.3 signal, to hear anything other than country, rock and roll or top 40 mainstream music. WCRD 91.3 in Ball State plays hip hop and even local music from time to time but doesn’t support the city music scene consistently. This lack of resources is critical to the entertainment atmosphere of an area. It makes it harder to hear new music, stay up on concerts coming your way, and so much more information that radio DJ’s and hosts provide.

The void is now filled with One Muncie Radio now on the air. Through this android app, area listeners now have the option to experience the music they want to hear, as well as the latest local news, and sports. It was long overdue… One Muncie Radio is Muncie and East Central Indiana’s new urban radio destination. The internet based streaming radio station has grown fast, playing a wide variety of Urban music including hip hop and R&B, both old school and new school, with Gospel music on Sundays. They also focus on playing music from local artists, which has been something the Muncie scene has been lacking.

When I first heard of OMR and saw it online I was excited, and after speaking with creator and programming director Tony Mann, I was even more optimistic about the opportunities it could provide for the entire community. It couldn’t have come at a better time, with the independent music scene growing in the area. Local artist Nell Kayo5 and entertainer Neil King Jr., have been working hard to promote the station both on social media and in the streets. Alot of Muncie artists are submitting songs to be played as we speak, so keep your ears open!

Stations like WLBC have been known for going out of their way NOT to play rap music, doing things like playing versions of R&B songs without the rap verse. Even in 2016, where rappers are good enough to be in The White House, but not on good ole 104.1… They even go so far as to take the late, great Left Eye’s verse off of TLC’s smash hit Waterfalls… {smh}Nowadays, through the meteoric rise of rap music, you may here the occasional Kendrick Lamar or B.O.B. feature on pop songs, but for the most part good hip hop and R&B remain a no no. If not for One Muncie Radio, we would all be singing Adele and Taylor Swift in our sleep. I don’t have anything against Flo-Rida or Bruno Mars, but I’m sure we would all like to expand our music catalog beyond the typical commercial hits. The radio is a part of everyday life for most people, most of whom are listening during the morning drive, the work day, and the ride home, as well as while cleaning the house or cooking dinner. With the FREE One Muncie Radio app, the latest and greatest hip hop and R&B music is at your fingertips.

The positive effect One Muncie Radio brings to the culture of the city is tremendous. They will work with local business owners, non-profits, artists and promoters to make sure the community gets word of the event.  It is both difficult and expensive for small businesses to advertise on big stations, even with their so-called reasonable rates. End even if you paid for advertisement, you were not guaranteed to reach your target audience, as they have no incentive to listen to said station because it doesn’t play music and content of their interest. Again, One Muncie Radio is the answer.

With everyone having access to this station via smartphone, tablet, PC, smart TV etc., it makes it more accessible and opens it up to a worldwide audience, as the app is available in the Google Play Store. With this availability, hopefully, ALL Muncie residents, and many more around the world download the app, and make One Muncie Radio their one stop for music.

Listen Now!!!


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