New Song, New Album

It’s been nearly four years since the release of my last album Donta’s Inferno. Besides working countless hours at a local steakhouse during that time, I also took part in several ventures such as co-hosting a radio show with Merc Versus called POWz Radio, participating in community events with my chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation, and most recently I have been a part of a band called Planet Boom Bap also with Merc, who is the bands founder. Along with The Pearl King on the drums, Wiz Kid Nate Kolbe on the keys, and Zac Burger on the bass, we played a number of shows in the state of Indiana last year, including the Chreece Festival in Indy, and opened for Potluck and Devin the Dude as well as Obie Trice. We also started on our album Parallel Universe. Our first song from the album Astronauts is online now.


I have also been working on new music the entire time, in addition to making some new quality handmade hip hop with my group Small Wonders, I have nearly completed the creative process on my latest solo album titled LOCAL, which is set to release this spring. I chose this title for the album because it is how I was feeling at the time. I came up with the concept in 2004, when I was feeling the same way, which is close to my city and state.   After doing numerous shows with Planet Boom Bap and Small Wonders throughout the city of Muncie and the state of Indiana, I have established a connection with alot of artists, Djs, and “scenesters” in the area. It inspired me to make something to represent the entire scene. Every artist has ambitions of taking their music around the world, but the love and support you get on a local scale can propel you to the next level. Even the top selling superstar rap artists take pride in performing and “puttin on” for their city.


The first song released from the LP is my anthem Big Time, which was inspired by the Rick James classic song of the same title.I chose this song first because I wanted to come out the gate with something hard hitting with a solid mission statement to set the tone for the album. The lyrics of the song talk about the experience of an up and coming artist looking to make it to the next level of the entertainment business and at the same time making good music.

The song is produced by fellow Zulu and Indianapolis based producer Klinik, and recorded and mixed by Andrew Christman at the Palace of Sorrowin Muncie.


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